Indramat servo motors, drives, and controls are still supported with factory repair. At the factory, your Indramat units will be tested and repaired so that they once again meet factory specs. They will work like new — and you will be surprised at how fast the process can be.

Maybe your first introduction to Indramat motion control was opening a cabinet when a component quit working, and seeing the word “Indramat” on a piece of machinery.

Maybe you Googled “Indramat service” or “Indramat repair” at that point and you need some help right away. If so, request a quote now, and we’ll respond quickly. We know that you rely on your motion control, and that having a nonworking servo motor, control, or drive can cost you.

We also know that you probably don’t have an Indramat specialist in the house. Indramat was a mover and shaker in electric motion control in the 20th century. They built servos, drives, and controls that are so well designed and well built that many of them are still going strong today.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Indramat was acquired by the company that is now Bosch Rexroth. These motion control giants now make the new Indradrive line of motion control technology.

Fortunately, they also continue to support legacy Indramat components.

They don’t sell spare parts to third party shops, and they don’t certify your local guy with a workbench to do repairs. The only way you can feel confident about your Indramat repairs is by choosing factory repair.

We offer fast turnaround on Indramat factory repair, and we can provide emergency replacement units to minimize downtime.

Request a quote now, providing as much information as you can about your needs. If you can give us the part number, serial number, the name of the specific part, and some description of how the problem is presenting, we’ll be able to expedite service and get your machinery back up and running as fast as possible.