Do you need Indramat service?

When your Indramat controls act up, you may think that replacing them is your only option. That’s not the case. We can provide service for your drives, whether you need phone service, field service, factory repair, or remanufacturing.

Factory repair is the only practical choice for Indramat controls. Original parts are not available to third-party repair houses, while factory repair brings your Indramat controls back to you in like-new condition, generally with a warranty.

Our decades of experience with legacy Indramat controls really pay off in the form of the most cost-effective solutions for your Indramat service needs. We specialize in legacy Indramat motion control service, and we can provide factory repair and reman with the quick turnaround you need.

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Indramat controls include the following types:

  • CLC
  • CLM
  • PPC
  • Indracontrol L

Determine which Indramat controls you have and be prepared to describe the issue you’re having with the unit or units in question. Some questions to consider:

  • What error code or fault code do you see?
  • Is the unit completely failing to operate, or operating with some problems?
  • Is the problem new, or have you seen this problem before?
  • Is the problem persistent, or does it depend on circumstances such as heat or vibration?
  • Have you checked cables and batteries?

Fill out our simple quote request form, describing your problem as completely as possible, and we will respond with a free, fast quote for the repairs your Indramat controls may need.

We know that your business may depend on your motion control system. Downtime on the line can be costly and frustrating for you, for your line workers, for your boss, and for your customers.

That’s why we offer phone support, field support, factory repair and reman, and also emergency replacement units while we get your Indramat controls up and running. Indramat Service is the beginning of the end of your problems. Contact us now, or request a quote.

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