Beyond repair, remanufacturing (reman) brings your Indramat units back to their original condition. Remanufactured parts come back to you looking and performing like new — and with a warranty. Discover whether your units are eligible for reman.

Sometimes, especially if you have used a third-party repair shop in the past, your Indramat legacy products cannot be repaired successfully. Or you may want to avoid the inconvenience of multiple repairs over time.

Remanufacturing goes beyond repair. Reman includes all the following:

  • Replacement of all wearing parts, such as flanges, bearings, brakes, encoders, switches, and other parts. All parts used will of course be new, original parts… which are not available to third-party repair shops.
  • Complete cleaning of the components
  • Relaquering of motors
  • Testing of the unit to make sure it meets factory standards
  • A new warranty for your reman part — from 24 months to as much as 5 years

Third party repair houses will not provide a meaningful warranty. They obviously can’t provide a factory warranty.

When you’ve been relying on a legacy Indramat electric motion control system, certainly for many years and probably for decades, switching to a new system can cause as many problems as it solves. Finding units that will physically fit into the space you have available, making sure that the throughput of the new units is appropriate for your machinery, and perfecting installation and configuration — each of these elements can be a separate challenge.

Reman can be the solution. Your fault part will become a like-new unit that performs as it did when you first installed it.

The savings over replacement can also be significant.

Sometimes we talk with companies that have bought a part on eBay, trusting that its “REMAN” label means factory remanufacturing. Often it doesn’t. Factory reman uses original parts and factory specifications, neither of which is available to a third-party repair shop.

Your investment in factory reman will keep your Indramat electric motion control system functioning well for years. You don’t have to hope that it will or guess whether it will, because you will have a factory warranty. There is no equal alternative.

Request a quote now and let us know that you’re interested in reman. We’ll contact you quickly to get the details.