Tech Support

Where’s that tech support?

Your Indramat manual may tell you to call your Indramat tech support when you have a problem… but there is no Indramat tech support number now. Indramat was acquired at the beginning of this century, and the Indramat company no longer exists.

When you look for Indramat now, you’ll find historic information, but you won’t find tech support.

You may also find third-party repair shops that work on all kinds of machinery, so they figure they can work on Indramat units, too.

However, the company that acquired Indramat does not supply parts or certification to third-party repair shops. You just have to take your chances with parts scavenged from old components, or Brand X parts that they’ve tried to make fit.

Or you can contact us. We have decades of experience with legacy Indramat electric motion control systems. If you have a problem with an Indramat servo motor, control, or drive, we have almost certainly worked on just that kind of problem before. Our expertise lets us help you identify the specific issues that are causing you problems, and the solutions you need.

If phone or field support doesn’t solve the problem, we offer factory repair or reman, and we can also provide factory remanufactured replacement units. Factory repair gives you the comfort of knowing that your Indramat component has been repaired fully and correctly. Factory reman gives you a new warranty.

Either way, you get peace of mind. Use our Request a Quote form to tell us your problem or question and we will respond quickly