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Get a fast quote on Indramat service from Indramat service experts. We specialize in Indramat legacy motion control systems, providing field support and factory repair of Indramat drives, controls, and servo motors.

Sometimes all you need is a battery or a cable, but sometimes your drive or control has served you for many years and needs some TLC before it can continue serving you.

That’s when our factory repair service makes the difference. Choosing a third-party service makes you vulnerable. The Indramat company was acquired by Rexroth at the end of the 20th century. The current owners, Bosch Rexroth, will not sell parts to third party repair shops.  They will not honor a warranty if you have sent your Indramat units to a third-party repair shop.

Fortunately, they do still support Indramat systems, and we can arrange for reman or repair at the factory. Your units will get back to you as good as new, with a warranty to prove it.

Use the simple form below to request a quote. Give us the part number, the serial number, and as much detail as possible about your problem. You can also upload a picture of the nameplate on your unit. Please use a jpg file — and ordinary photo. If you have trouble uploading your photo, the file size may be too large. Just resize your picture to make it a bit smaller and try again.

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Meanwhile… we have an extensive collection of emergency replacement units to help you avoid downtime while you wait for your original units to be serviced and returned to you.